Why Aren’t You Playing Good Guitar?


Feeling like you are not good enough to play good guitar?

Your instrument is an important part of your playing. Get into the foundation of valuing a

I have setup MyO’Guitarshop which displays all the good guitars and accessories I’ve played & owned.
or write to me ht@playgoodguitar.com to ask me your personal question about finding your good guitar.
Playing is a social-spiritual thing, where you begin the journey of
first to ourselves, before to our guitar and the music we play. 

Our Top Tool for developing a good connection is non-other than a good metronome because good connection comes from having good rhythm and timing.  

Start the journey of playing 
Good music is different to different people. When you play what is not music to you it does more harm than good.Developing a foundation is a rewarding part your journey. Our top tool is a great guitar course that sets that foundation.

or start with this post about the first note

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