A Guitar Playing Meditation


Sometimes I feel that I play too much & enjoy too little, so this guitar playing meditation is what I do…

I would grab my guitar….. and enjoy holding it before even playing a note.

I pause

I breath slow ….. ly

* Start loop *


Count to 10


Count to 10

* Play loop * …. until I’m Ready

Then I make sure the first note I play is the most beautiful note I’ve ever played.

I savor the note

I know I’m already playing good guitar

I look for the groove

I do whatever the groove tells me to do.

* Pause *

I am happy with my playing and am thankful for the experience.

Thank you for doing this meditation. Let me know how it was for you. I will be more than happy to help you along.


2 thoughts on “A Guitar Playing Meditation

  1. Ryan

    This was a great meditation. It takes you back to “becoming one” with the instrument, to the point where it feels like an extension of your body. Each movement almost feels like second nature, like lifting your arm to drink a glass. You don’t think it, you just do it. How long did it take you to discover your method of meditation?

    1. ht

      Thanks for the comment. It’s precisely the effect of being second nature and feeling like the guitar is an extension of us. I spent almost 15 over years ‘playing’ not knowing the better way of being with the guitar. The meditation came about during the last 5 years of self discovery when I play. Thanks for your comment.


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