A Night of Inspiration & Learning A New Song


One of the most favourite thing I do is to be mesmerised and captivated by a performance. Last night I was watching Natalie Merchant with Erik Della Penna supporting her on guitar with of course the rest of the band on Tiny Desk Concerts.

One thing I’m impressed by is Erik’s control and playing that is so fine that it doesn’t overpower Natalie. Erik’s an artiste to know his playing role is to support an amazing vocal talent as Natalie Anne Merchant.

Last night I learned to play the last song on this video “The Weeping Pilgrim”. Love it so much that I have a chance to learn the whole song (yes its simple) in one night of being inspired by wonderful musicians.

What are you inspired by lately? What songs have you been learning?


2 thoughts on “A Night of Inspiration & Learning A New Song

  1. Kevin McNamara

    Great post HT!

    I am not familiar here in Australia with Natalie but totally love this music. Thanks for sharing it. I have been stop/starting learning the guitar for 10 years and this has inspired me to get back into it. Great voice and the backing band are excellent. My kind of music. Keep putting these great posts out there. I am learning heaps 🙂

    You ask what has inspired me lately – this video haha and I am slowly learning some basic Beatles songs (at least I was a few months back! Time to jump back into it 🙂




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