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Hi, I am HT.

I’m tone deaf, cannot keep a beat and colour blind.

But I really wanted to be a good guitarist. For the most part of the 30 years I have been trying to do so, the 2 out of the 3 above issues, never made me one. (No prize for guessing which ones)

I just wasn’t good enough.

It wasn’t until the last 5 years that things began to change, tremendously.

So much so that I’m now playing good guitar, although not at a professional level but I’m FINALLY GOOD ENOUGH

Playing this way has given me amazing joy to play daily, on my own terms and be my own artist.

You see, I used to make things more complicated than it is. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and took in too many things. I compared myself to all the wrong people and focussed on all the wrong goals.

Now, I discover how to do it right. To know who I should compare myself to and set genuine musical goals.

In this new found freedom, I have developed into the player that I am happy to be.

I found so much joy playing that I want to help others do the same.

I have in the past tried everything but no matter how I tried, I have not been happy with how I play.

I have had

  • Lessons with 2 professional teachers (one classical and another rock)
  • Several paid online courses,
  • Youtube videos
  • Instructional books (too many) and
  • Friends who are willing to teach me

.. but nothing made me feel like I’m playing good guitar.

It was 5 years ago that a book I read, changed my perspective about music. It was Victor Wooten’s The Music Lesson.

In that book, I discovered elements of music that went beyond what I have ever learned and understood before.

I realised I was practising scales after scales, learning chords after chords and playing as fast as my guitar heroes could and focusing not on the music but the technical part of playing.

“The Music Lesson” opened my eyes to reveal true about my quest and moved me beyond playing “harder” to playing “with more heart”.

Exploring this so-called social-spiritual side of playing, I’m able to discover myself, who I am, what is an instrument and the playing of that instrument is to me.

And my playing really turned out for goodUntil it reached a point, I was finally able to say that I’m playing good guitar.

Today I’m on this journey of ways to play good guitar. I learned the many reasons why so many people quit playing the guitar and all their wrong focuses. Through learning from experts like Kenny Werner (Effortless Mastery) Jimmy Bruno (No nonsense Guitar), Martin Taylor (Fingerstyle Guitar), Jamie Andreas (The Principle of Correct Practice) and many others, I’m excited to share my discovery with others.

I have done many things in and out of the music scene (even if it’s as an enthusiast and music lover)

  • Directed musicals ie. Jacob The Musical 2004, Love Songs Love Stories 2005 for the community and children musicals The Missing Music 2006 for my church.
  • Moderated the pioneering and once trend-setting “Singapore Music Forum” in Singapore.
  • Appeared on National Radio Passion 99.5 to talk about the uprising trend of home-recording in Singapore (with my own songs played over the air waves).
  • I have written songs and performed them for the company I worked for and for my loved ones at family gatherings.
  • Started a program to give free guitars away to underprivileged kids in the city (with lessons)
  • I have even organised charity concerts and song festivals for less privileged children in neighboring country abroad.

But honestly, nothing is more satisfying than to have for myself

“A Good Guitar, A Good Connection With It and Play Good Music”.

(These have become my Play Good Guitar Foundational Values)

Have you been like me?

If you have

  • A goal to play guitar so badly yet you feel that your talent doesn’t quite match up.
  • You spent years trying and gone back and forth picking up and dropping the interest that you so value
  • You every felt like wasting your time with no real progress to prove for the ambition you have.
  • You ever been like me involved in the scene and all its activities but never really know what it means to be making good music and being happy with your playing
  • Suffered from being unable to keep a beat, tone deaf or colour blind (if it matters)

I can help you move from playing so-called ‘badly’ to playing ‘good’ guitar (and certainly beyond). I will teach you HOW TO

  • Find Your Good Guitar
  • Get Connected and
  • Play Good Music

So feel free to drop me a note below.

I have much to share and I can’t wait to start.


Good Guitar Player, Educator &
Founder of Play Good Guitar and SongKids.org
email. ht@playgoodguitar.com



9 thoughts on “About HT

  1. Darren

    My problem with my guitar playing is I’ve never learnt to play properly. Some of my techniques definitely could be a lot better.

    Thanks for sharing your very interesting journey with improving your guitar playing. We can get a bit caught up in the fundamentals and mechanics of playing and forget that music is all abut emotion and should be played with feeling. Sounds like a good book to check out.

    1. ht Post author

      Thanks for visiting the site. Yes indeed, if we strip it to the fundamentals. Start from there and the journey may just be more satisfying.

  2. Joanne Hakaraia

    Hi HT, I really enjoyed reading about your guitar playing. I’m similar in that I find it challenging to read books and learn the logical way, I enjoy just playing without any boundaries. I would love to hear some of your music someday, perhaps on this site? Music is very spiritual without any rules. Enjoy the journey HT.

  3. stefan

    Hi HT

    Too bad I live in Thailand and not Singapore, so we could meet for some sessions. I love music too and play a drum, small djembe like. I am not a pro as well and love just when the rhythm hits in and the beautiful sounds the instrument gives away.
    Very nice to read your page, as it comes from heart.
    Have a great day Stefan

  4. Larry

    Hi HT, That’s Amazing your a very strong willed person to be tone def, can’t keep a beat and color blind and still pursue playing and teaching Guitar. I think you have a great site keep up the great work!

    1. HT

      Thank you for the compliment. I am just doing what I believe everyone can do. Music is not just for the pros, everyone is musical and everyone can regardless of what their challenges are.

  5. Jonny A

    You are in a unique situation. You should definitely upload videos when you have the chance to. Used to make beats for awhile until my hard drive took a dump. Music is an universal language that brings people together and doesn’t need words. Looking through you pages how did you set up an Amazon store? And yes pick one guitar and play with it. Play on playa!


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