Am I Too Old To Learn How To Play The Guitar?


You are here because you ask the question

“Am I Too Old To Learn How To Play The Guitar?”.

Well, the answer depends on why you want to play.

If you have rock star ambition or want to be a professional, then maybe it may be too late. But if all you want to do is to play for enjoyment and leisure, then there should be no age too old to start. Even better if you just want to develop the musical part of you in a socio-spiritual way, then you are more than ready to start the journey.

Having said that please note that Eric Clapton, the idol of many players started early but gave up only to start again at a later age.

Frank Zappa, the alternative rock legend started when he was 18.

Wes Montgomery, the legendary jazz guitarist started when he was 20.

So even if you want to try to make it big, it may not be too late to begin.

I’ve seen many old players in the local and overseas scene too. Age is never the issue when it comes to playing music. Just like swimming, cycling or learning to a new sport, it’s not the age more than your interest and how much you stick to it in practice. The important thing is the heart attitude of wanting to learn, correct guidance and the right way to practice.

My personal journey started 30 years ago when I was a teenager.

I’m now 44 but really it was only the last 5 years that I made real progress. The first 25 years or so, I feel that I’ve wasted time getting entangled with snippets of information and with a lack of strategy to learn. I’ve done so much here and there but never consolidated all I know into a framework.  So I do not think that the years’ matter if you have access to the right information and the right guidance, as long as you are still able to hold a guitar and you are able to move your fingers (and perhaps not deaf), it’s a good time to start.

So am I too old to learn how to play the guitar? I don’t think so.

Watch this.

Tell yourself it’s okay to start now regardless of what age you are and “I am never too old to learn to play the guitar”.

If there’s anyone who started playing late and now consider yourself having successfully learned to play, I like to hear from you by commenting below.


7 thoughts on “Am I Too Old To Learn How To Play The Guitar?

  1. Ilias

    I found your article very motivational. I was playing guitar for many years when I was a teenager but I stopped in college when because I did not have much free time.

    I am thirty years old. Can I repeat the story of Eric Clapton?

    Ok, it was a joke but I may start it again.

  2. Craig

    Great article. I actually thought the same thing about piano until I started learning on my own this year. Guitar is next on my list because I want to learn the riff from Smoke On the Water so I can say I can play a song haha! Appreciate your time and effort writing this up and showing it can be done!

    1. HT Post author

      You can play Smoke On the Water and I can see you and your guitar smokin’ already!! All the best and never say it its impossible.

  3. Philip

    hoho, what a nice post.

    i played guitar some years ago an after watching the “Rocking Grand Ma” video here, i think i have to go find my guitar again.
    Love it,


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