Are There Any Good Guitar Forums To Join?


In the advent of the internet that is video based, are old fashioned forums dead? I would say not. I lived through the days of forums and now social media groups and the huddle around video based platforms, but I still frequent forums.  Why do I do that?

I think nothing creates a community,  like a good forum. The good old posting with your unique Avatar where members of the forum can relate and get to know better is not out of fashion. The next question will be is there any good guitar forums to join?

These are the few that I’m a member of that I list below. You can check it out to see if it’s for you.


This is an active forum where players of all levels hangout. There’s a community of basic. The forum is not intimidating and the most accessible one of all. I love to frequent that place to learn and also offer advice. Great place for starters to hang out definitely.

TDPRI (Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue)

People in this community talk about strange things like Tele Ashtrays and the bite of the Tele bridge pickup. Confused? Well, if you are not into the Telecaster, you should be. It is a brand specific forum. They talk about the Telecasters but the many wonderful people there also talk about other things other than the telecasters. They are forums for pedals, amps and jamming. I will recommend this forum for telecaster lovers first and foremost of course. Also, those who have been playing for a while and wants to learn more about guitars and playing especially with a telecaster. And it’s never a bad time to jump into exploring the Tele, the first electric guitar in the history of the world and amazingly one that Leo Fender built right from the start. There is also a equivalent Strat Forum


This is a genre specific forum. Jazz! but it a very beginner friendly forum. What I like about is it has lots of lessons for starters and they are all very good quality lessons arranged in topics that interest you. If you are a guitar player, you have to explore jazz at one point or another. With this forum, why not now?


If you are into the acoustic guitar, this is the place to be. It’s acoustic, acoustics, acoustics (and sometimes also the kind of pickups it uses). It has great people in there and it is a great place for a beginner to be a part of. As usually a beginner do generally start with an acoustic guitar, it is also a big plus that its not a techie kind of forum. People are down to earth and the advice given is not intimidating. I love it here when I first started playing the guitar.

Having listed out the forums, I am also an active member of many other music forums that is more brand specific (like Fender Forum and the Gibson Forum). You may want to join them based on your O’guitar’s make and model.

I also frequent forums that not guitar specific. Why do I do that? Because guitar playing should be more about music playing. And music playing should be about life. So if we get ourselves interested in things to get us connected to how ‘humans’ work, we get into life that helps us to play music. Why do we feel what we feel? What touches us? What makes a real connection? These are good questions to get ourselves in communities.

Really being more human makes us more musical. So, it is a great habit to develop when we participate in forums get ourselves into communities.

Enjoy the benefit that comes with that.

How about you? Do you still use forums? Which forums do you frequent and why? What do you use these forums for?


2 thoughts on “Are There Any Good Guitar Forums To Join?

  1. Steve

    Personally I am not into playing any form of music however I have a son who is very interested in learning, so I was looking for a good starting point for him to join in and learn.

    You have referenced some quality forums for him to join and learn his new craft. He has even got some forums which he can join later (ie as a stepping stone) when he improves. Great informational post which will help a great deal.


    1. HT Post author

      Thank you Steve. I hope you’ll find a good forum to start off. I will recommend Guitarnoise. It looks like a place for you who’s just starting.


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