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How To Make Your Guitar Play Better Instantly

I have a dream.

My dream is to make your guitar play better without spending big dollars.

Why? Because I have experienced what so many new beginners experienced. To have with me a guitar that is hard to play. Fingering chord becomes painful, barre chords traumatic to say the least. You want to be a guitar god but you just can’t get yourself to finger another chord. What should you do?

The trouble is real and it affects too many players. Recently I have 3 people came to me in the last 2 weeks to ask for help to setup their guitar to be more playable. And I have done it for them. And they are happy and gave me a raving review for what I have done. One of them even told me this the guitar I setup for him helped him secure a recording deal when he used the newly setup guitar to play an inspired tune to his client on the same deal he collected it from me.

That’s why my dream is not a daydream, it’s rooted in reality. A guitar can play better without spending a lot of money. You just need to know what to do and then learn to do it or get someone who can do it for you.

Here are 3 ways you can make your guitar play better.

Shave some height off your guitar saddle

The number 1 issue guitars that are brought to me is – The action is too high. By high action, I mean the distance between the string to the fretboard when not fretting is too high that holding the string down becomes unpleasantly hard. The culprit is always that the saddle and the nut first.  The saddle is rightly made to be high. It’s normal to have them this way from the factory because being tall it can be shaved to be made lower. However, the other way, to have a low saddle made high again is impossible without adding additional things to it.

With a high saddle almost expected from the factory, it is essential for guitars to be setup at the shop before bringing it home. Sadly not all stores do that for their customers.

That’s why its important to know, the very first thing I do is to shave some height off the saddle. The work is not complicated but its not easy because it requires you to remove the strings or loosening it enough to be able to take the saddle out of the slot at the bridge. I shave it with sand paper and get it to the right height to make the action lower. This work itself solve at least 70% of the action problem.

Shave your guitar nut too

While lowering the saddle height solves the general issue of high action, lowering the guitar nut solves the specific issue of high action at the lowest end of the fretboard (the part closest to the guitar neck). Like how you have shaved the height of the saddle, shave the nut as well. But be careful, there’s usually lesser to shave on the nut compared to the saddle. Keep shaving and putting it back so that you don’t over-shave that may create buzzing on the first fret.

With both your saddle and nut adjusted to the right height, you will find your guitar instantly more playable. If you have over-shaved and experience buzzing, a shim can be used to heighten it again by placing it under the saddle/nut. You can buy a “shim” which is just a piece of small plastic or wood from your local guitar stores.

Adjust your truss rod

You can find tune the playability of your guitar after adjusting the height of both your nut and saddle by adjusting the truss rod.

The truss rod is the metal part of the guitar that runs through the neck of well built guitar. Its function is to make the neck straight through adjustment made using a L shaped Allen wrench key.  To adjust the concave or convex nature of the neck we can adjust the rod to either straighten it or bow it back.

Change your strings wisely

Someone brought a guitar to me recently complaining that “twanginess” of his guitar. My first suspect was the nature of the guitar was built bright. So the twang comes from how the guitar was built. But I was wrong. After setting up the guitar and playing it for a few days, I suspected that the string choice presently installed in the guitar is of the bright kind.  So knowing my guitar string brightness chart, I went out and bought a mellower string. I tried the GHS silk and steel set (Affiliate Link) and immediately the twang was gone and it played like how the owner wanted it to. You should see the gladness in his face when he came to collect his guitar. So next time you want to rule off your guitar sound, put another set of carefully chosen strings.

Being a jazz player, below is the chart I used. Google “[Brand] guitar string chart” will return the chart for strings of other brands.

Clean your guitar, especially the fretboard

You will play better when you have a clean guitar, especially in the fretboard. A clean fretboard helps you slide through easily without the stickiness of one full of dirt. Besides psychological effect of a clean guitar has proven to be real. Why not serve your mind by playing better with more clarity. I used the Gibson Gear Stringed Instrument Care (Affiliate Link).

So what are you waiting for? Either do some DIY or send it to some good people to do them for you. You can end up with a guitar that easily plays 2 or 3 times better than before.

If you like this and would like me to write on “How to make your guitar sound better instantly”, drop me a comment.

Should You Buy The Vintage Guitar Buyer’s Guide 2017?

Vintage Guitar Buyers Guide 2017
GET YOUR COPY HERE (Affiliate Link)

At we want to advocate you to know what you love. Discover your instrument. If the guitar is going to be your (musical) instrument, value it, cherish it and know how much its worth not just to you but to others in financial terms.

No, your O’thing is NOT going to be defined by how much it’s worth to other people, it is by how much it is to you. BUT it is always good to know the price tag and desirability of the one you love.

The Vintage Guitar Buyer’s Guide is a invaluable tool for this reason. It has been for many years that its been published a directory of how much guitars are worth. The 2017 version has just come out and we are all very excited.

You may not be in the industry of buying or selling guitars but its good knowledge to know how much these guitars are worth to its owners.

Maybe its just figures but maybe it’ll be what inspire you to value yours then look out for other good guitar that you can love for a long time. I have had a guitar that was with me since 1988 and its almost 30 years now. I would want to know how much its worth today. Even if its not worth much, I know what I pay attention to increases in value in my own eyes. That’s worth the price of a copy.

Do you know the value of your guitar? And how much will you project it will be worth in 5,10, 20 years time?


What Guitar To Buy That You Will Not Regret For Beginners

I have had the pleasure of playing so many guitars in all the years I’ve been playing. Nothing compares to the feeling of holding a guitar that doesn’t cost much but has playability and value beyond its price. It is in times like that we are proud of our chosen hobby because anyone getting their beginner guitar is not such a big risk after all.

While it cannot be said when I started 30 years ago, I’m glad that the quality of today’s beginner guitars has improved so remarkably that it is no shame being seen holding a budget guitar no matter what our skill level are.

It’s my greatest joy to recommend the following great guitars that won’t cost an arm or a leg that beginners can buy without regret.

Before I dive in, let me say that I have chosen more branded ones because it will give you better resellable value in any case you want to upgrade. Also such a guitar is worth the while to keep it for life.

Top Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

1. Yamaha FG720/ FG820 or FS720/ FS820

Good for those who for an all round good guitar that is built well and plays well. I will recommend the FS series rather than the FG series for those who like a smaller body and prefer to learn finger-picking. The FG series is more suitable for strummers. I have owned several of these guitars and not one of them disappointed me.

2. Taylor GS Mini

Good for: Kids or those with small hands or someone who just wants something small to travel with. It has a bright and clear sound that is just beautiful finger picked. It has a small body that makes bringing it around a pleasant thing to do.

3. Martin DXAE

Good for those who can afford a bit more for a better quality guitar that retains its value. It’s good first-hand experience of owning a great sound guitar. Playing one always put a smile on my face (and hopefully those who hears it)

Top Electric Guitar for Beginners

1. Squier Vintage Modified Strat

A good old Squier Strat is always a safe bet as the first electric guitar. The Stratocasters is a classic proven designed instrument that is versatile for all sorts of music genre from rock, pop to reggae and blues. To have a Strat is safe but to have one from the Vintage Modified series sweetens it so much more. Highly no regret kind of purchase that will not break the bank.

2. Squier Custom Vibe Telecaster

Both the Vintage Modified and Custom Vibe Strats and Teles are good choice beginner guitars with the latter being just a bit more expensive. I have owned some of them and they are comparable to their expensive Fender counterparts. It is no exaggeration to say that I loved my Custom Vibe Telecaster over my old Made In Mexico Fender Tele when I had both with me. It is that good.

3. Epiphone SG 400

This maybe a surprise to some people but the SG is such a great instrument that I have not experience an electric guitar design that rock so well. It has simplicity in its design, sounds awesome and plays like a dream. It has the type of resonance and sustains that I cannot find in any other guitars. Good for rockers who want to play hi gain music. If the looks bother some of you, I will recommend the Epiphone LP instead but otherwise, the SG is an amazing underrated beginner instrument. It’s so good that I seriously use one to play jazz all the time.

These are recommendations of the type. Of course, they are variations in terms of types of pickups and type of wood, neck radius and all to refine your selection. Well, I think these are secondary for now as getting your first guitar sets you in the direction of knowing what you want/don’t want in a guitar. Anyway, I will be writing on how to select the types of pickups in your guitar and also other things about the type of wood and neck width/radius etc.

Until then have fun and enjoy your process of getting your first guitar. I bet you that if you stick of my recommendation that you’ll not regret it. With its quality, its good enough to keep for life and also it has the resellable value if you decide to let it go and upgrade to a better one.



The Foundation of a Good Guitar

Can’t even get yourself to pick up the guitar, let alone play or practice? If you ever not feel inspired to practice or play, I understand how it feels. It happens to me quite a lot. But fortunately now, it’s more in the past than today.

I found out the importance of owning a good guitar. I’m not only interested in playing it. I’m interested in it.

One of the greatest joy of playing is owning a GOOD ONE.

Really the key reasons I’ve kept the interest in playing the guitar the last 30 years is because I invest in seeking out GOOD guitars. And I’m often in the buy/sell forums and on magazines reading reviews and looking out for the ONE.  Investing the time to shop, research and read about guitars, inspires me to pick the right one just to hold it as often as I can.

I encourage everyone to look for the ONE guitar that you love. Invest in your dear O’Guitar and it will reward you for life.

Of course, unlike your marriage, the O’Guitar need not be the ONE for life. You can make it a life long journey looking to find the one.

To find a good guitar, it is important that it feel, play and sound right for you. It’s a very subjective matter as different people like different things for their guitar. It’ll depend on the style of playing you are adopting and the genre of music you play.

Go wild on your quest to find what’s your O’Guitar
(You can find one’s I’ve specially picked in myO’Guitarstore)

Check out my others posts
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A set of right strings whether it is heavier or lighter gauge. The heavier gauge sounds better but the lighter ones plays easier. I recommend a lighter gauge (Gauge 10 of the range 9-13 and work yourself up) so that its easier to play and adjust your preference of tone by the moving up)

Also what material it is made of makes a difference to whether you like your guitar a little or a lot. As you have taken time to look for a good guitar, don’t forget to spend some time and money looking for the perfect strings for your guitar.

Common Type General Characteristics without getting too complicated
Nylon Easy to play, generally for classical and nylon stringed electro acoustic guitar
Bronze Warm
Phosphor Bronze Brighter
Silk & Steel Between Bronze and Phosphor Bronze and smoother to play

And lastly accessorise your guitar, because its’ fun to dress up your guitar.  Do it because you can do whatever you can to personalise it.

Consider the following way…

    • An awesome strap that is comfortable and speaks of your personality

    • A clip on tuner to make sure your O’ good guitar is in tune all the time.

  • Custom stickers to make it really your O’ Guitar! (make sure you get those that comes off easily). I used to have a little transparent sticker with the word “Drivin” on my old Maison ES335. Just a small thing to it so much dearer to me. Maybe if cash permits, get a luthier who does custom finishing, to repaint your guitar to that (funky) colour you want.

In summary, this is a foundation that many beginners don’t focus on and their interest fade very fast when they stumble upon challenges playing it. I suggest that you have a good time investing in finding that ONE and let the interest last longer than the feeling you get when you start learning to play it (at least in the beginning).

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The Hamer XT Guitar That Surprised Me

This one just came in. It’s an Indonesian made Hamer XT Series double cut guitar in gorgeous Sunburst. I traded my vintage Greco Fat Telecaster for it. It’s one with the Greco-Guitar Device on the headstock and I frankly wasn’t really that sober when I agreed on that deal. It sounds like a crazy thing to do on my part. One is a made in an Asian mass produced Hamer guitar. The other is a rare vintage Greco telecaster.

For a telecaster lover that I am, I will admit, I had regrets agreeing on the deal in that day before the actual meet up to trade. Until the deal is done and I brought it home to plugged it into my amp, was I shocked (and tremendously relieved) how awesome the guitar it.  is for what I’ve traded it for.

The sounds is great, the finish immaculate and it’s a lot of guitar for what I’ve traded it for.

I was actually very happy with the deal. It feels good. The action was a bit high but its nothing some adjustment to the TOM bridge cannot rectify. But the sound is deliciously good. I’m totally floored as I usually would think there I would ned to swap out the pickups for some PAFs. (I have a few Gibson 480s and 490s lying around so it was no big deal)

But this time, for this one, the ‘hummies’ are not going any where soon.

Warm on the dirty side but clarity on the clean end, it has the 3D kind of dynamics that is so lacking in other guitars of the price range. In fact it beats the so called Super-Dry pickups on my traded Greco. There is a Carlos Santana vibe to this sound and I won’t be drooling over any PRS with this one anytime soon. So it’s a great money saver guitar.

I’m not really a rocker but that night I rocked the night away. It sweet sustains the whole night and my Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive has never seen so much action since knocking my Rat out of my pedalboard last year. So this is one gear that could bring out different kind of music in me. 

I must say for those considering buying this, don’t hesitate to try one out. I’m not sure how much it costs new, (I can’t seem to find one on Amazon or Guitar Centre) but it should be less than $3-400. But even if it’s under $1K, I would still think its a good buy. This goes to show that ….

Great Guitars Do Not Need To Be Expensive Guitars

Thanks for reading and I wish other owners will comment on this guitar and share your love (or hate! if that’s really what you think).

The One Reason You NEED To Have To Play Guitar

Everyone Has A Reason

Everyone who plays the guitar do it for a reason. From ‘worshipping your idols’ to ‘rebelling against parents’ and with ‘as an alternative to sports’ and ‘just to to get the chicks’ in between, everyone has their own unique reasons.

But no matter how many reasons you have, there’s one reason that I really believe everyone should have when they play guitar. You may not agree that this is the main reason but I hope it should be one of the top key reasons for you to play good guitar.

The One Reason Is To Communicate

And that reason will make a difference to if you can really connect with what you play guitar and make playing good guitar possible. Let me explain

It Starts With What Is Music

Let me start by saying something about music. You see music is a language. Just like English or Mandarin, it is a medium of communication for us to express ourselves. Just as we talk to express and communicate, to play music is also a way of expressing and communicating.

The Guitar Is Your Choice of Instrument To Speak Musically

Just like not everyone public speak, not everyone performs on stage.

So while people play guitar with different starting point, but essentially it’s to communicate. If you are better with words, go do it with words, but if playing the guitar gets you there better, then play the guitar.

I will start with that you don’t need to play guitar to communicate. But if you choose to play guitar, make it the reason so that it facilitates your communication. Many players are just making noise but good players have something to say. Playing good guitar means you have something to express and say. It should not be to replace your other communication, playing the guitar or an instrument is saying that you want to use it to communicate, to express and talk better. It is a way to connect with yourself and with others.

Play First As Self-Narrative ie. To Speak To Yourself

When you play alone, you play to communicate with yourself. You learn how to express yourself with the guitar and how you’ll like to express what you want to say in music. When you play with another, you are talking to the person with this language. When you play with a group of friends, you are expressing socially having a group conversation.

When you play on stage in a hall, you are public speaking.

You see, not many people will get to the stage of public speaking with their guitar. Most will be just as a form of self-expression or communicating with one or two people in front of them. So then, why do so many people fear taking up the guitar or play an instrument? Could it be they see it as only a tool to speak on stage? That means they will compare themselves with the wrong people and say that unless I can play like Carlos Santana or John Mayer, I’m not going to play. It’s like saying unless I speak like great orators like Steve Jobs, Anthony Robbins or Barack Obama, I will not speak at all.

How about playing so you can talk to yourself or just one friend in front of you? How about playing just like you need to talk? You don’t need to be very good at talking. You just need to be communicating, expressing and having something to share. Even if you stutter and speak short sentences, you are still communicating. If you view it this way, the guitar is a common instrument and should not be approached to with fear.

Playing Guitar is spiritual, it is to communicate, express and connect with yourself and others

So whatever your reason is to play the guitar, don’t forget the one reason you need to have about why you play guitar. It is spiritual, it is to communicate, express and connect with yourself and others.

With that reason, playing good guitar becomes a journey of self-discovery because the guitar is the instrument that can be a part of you to help you in life’s need for connection.

With that one reason, have fun and enjoy playing Good Guitar.

What do you think? What are your reasons for playing?

Choosing A Good Guitar

Today I’m going to help you choose your good guitar. One that is setup to its best to represent you; ie. who you are and what you want to do with it.

Do note that I differentiate choosing your Good Guitar from choosing your First Guitar. The latter is about getting to a good guitar of good reputation with a good resaleable value. I recommend in my other article to find something more ‘popular’. That is because although not impossible, chances are we don’t get it right the first time so a popular one retains its value to give you more when you resell it to buy your final Good Guitar. But you still don’t want a boring First Guitar as it should have ‘inspiration’ enough to make you want to play it. So jump right there if you are considering buying your first guitar.

For the rest of us looking for your Good Guitar amongst the heaps of different makes and models, step right in!

There are so many ways to choose your Good Guitar but I will not write what others have written. There are a wealth of information on the internet. One can just do what comes naturally to them, for example, to find a guitar to which style is good for you; Google “Best guitar for <Style>. You’ll then have a whole day of guitars to consider.

But I want to share with you another way. What I want to share with you is about the concept of a funnel. Choosing your good guitar is like choosing a good spouse or a girl/boyfriend, you need to have your top 3 criteria and use it as a funnel to get to the ONE.

What is the three most important thing for you to own a guitar? Focus on these to be fulfilled first before you proceed. Most advice on the internet forces you to consider guitars based on what is the most important criteria down to their least important ones. They set you off to go for finding the best guitar with the best value and almost everyone ends up with a typical guitar that is the best value but not necessary the best one that speaks “YOU”.

Today guitars are versatile, I’ve played jazz on a flying V and rock on an archtop with no issues. My style tends to be jazzy but I’m using very unconventional guitars for that and I love it!! This Epiphone Crestwood is my guitar of choice for jazz. When I discovered it, I went “where was I not to find this gem?”. Well it’s because of advice out there points you to a good guitar but not your good guitar. Instead of a boring O strat or LP or PRS, how about this Epiphone Wilshire? Not expensive but a rare undiscovered guitar that is versatile and plays amongst the best out there.

So to choose guitar according to these traditional rules doesn’t work. It works as your first guitar but not good enough to find your O’Guitar, the one that you own and play for life.

Shop for one according to YOUR CRITERIA

Which one will be your Good Guitar? Start with stating your top 3 criteria. Go shopping for your guitar according to your first criteria, then second and third.

What is yours?

1. __________________
2. __________________
3. __________________

Some of the criteria you can consider

Appearance, Feel, Vibe, Best For Your Style, Color, Loud, Soft, Quiet, Timid, Grey, Raw, Rugged, Cool, Gentle, Playable, Need to have a F-hole, Steel String, For Jazz, For Getting The Girls, For Busking, For Glamour, For a Pet, Traveller, Played Sitting Down, For a mean boyfriend, For a cute girlfriend, Exotic, Black, Sunburst, Stand Out, Traditional, Humbuckers, Single Coils, P90s, Road Worn, Shiny, Rounded Jazz Tone, Solid Metal Tone, Looks Good on Me, Sounds like me, Make my heart sing, Compliment my bike, my spouse, my dog. Fit the interior of my room, hall, toilet…. 

The list goes on. These criteria don’t even have to make sense as long as it makes sense to you. It’s your criteria and be serious about it. And often when you are serious about what you really want, it may sound weird to others. But its okay, you just need to think about what is your Top 3 criteria. For example, me was once

1. F-Hole Tele
2. Gives Me A Good Vibe
3. Double Humbuckers or Good Jazz Tone

2. Is it good for me?

After checking if it satisfies your second and third criteria, you would have narrowed it down to several types of guitar. So with each of these guitars, it usually comes with configurations like how is the body shaped, what is the different pickup configuration or neck profile, types of wood etc etc. if its a cutaway, double cutaway, or no cutaway

The question to ask is it good for me? Would it be an extension of myself? Choose if light or dark or natural wood be the right color for you. Choose the different pickup configurations if you want a 3 single, 2 double or 1 mini humbucker if its an electric guitar. Choose if you want cutaway to access the higher frets or without because you are a strummer. What sort of neck profile suits you?

Generally it is the question Is it good for me? Infact of all the configurations of that guitar, which is best for me?

3. Does it like me?

I’m serious. Hold it and you’ll know if the guitar likes you. If the guitar doesn’t like you. You’ll know. The guitar will be fighting you and you’ll fight it too and playing just doesn’t seem natural. Spend some time playing it. And this is very important. To make sure you make the final judgement of the guitar only after its setup properly and playable to its optimal hopefully with good and playable strings (not rusty ones).

There you go my 3 ways of finding your Good O’ Guitar. Remember it is your guitar. Yes, you may loose resale value or you’ll end up with a guitar that looks weird to others but hey, it’s going to be about you and what you want. So life’s too short to think about what people think you want. Go for what you want in your Good Guitar (Like I had in this Fender Jim Atkin)

Enjoy shopping and write to me to share what you think.

Tips To Find Your First Guitar

I have had guitars (at least a hundred of them) come and go. From cheapo Chinese made to expensive genuine Fenders and Gibsons.

But I still have my first electric guitar. And guess what? It is still my number #1 guitar.

It is the one I play more than other guitars I have regardless of their price tag.

How can that be?

You see, I knew from the start it was blues and B.B.King for me. When I found out B.B.King’s main axe is  “Lucille”, a semihollow Gibson es335 type guitar, I went for a budget version or copy of it when its time to buy my first guitar.

It was a Korean made Maison ES335 with a sexy shiny red burst.

I’ve had it since I’m 17 years old and today it is my #1 playing guitar.

This may not be everyone’s first guitar story but I believe, anyone can get as close as possible to getting it right the first time.

Yes, 1. Start With Checking Out What Our Heroes Play

It is the easiest way. Find what our heroes play. If our musical goal is to play the same type of music in the same style, get the “budget version” of our heroes’ likely more premium and expensive guitar (because they are after all I assume, likely richer than you).

This will narrow the list down tremendously and get you closer to a guitar you’ll likely bond with for a long long time.

When we trust our heroes’ choice, we trust they have done their homework to look for the best guitar for the style of music they play professionally. Of course unless they followed the same principle and copied their heroes in which is still okay.

Today, budget version of more expensive guitars although made in the Far East (eg China and Indonesia) aren’t bad guitars. It was already good during my time but now with the quality gap closing, there are some really great guitars to be had. One can enjoy great guitars for very little money today.

Your Heroes What Your Heroes Play What You Should Consider Buying
Eric Clapton Fender Stratocaster Squier Custom Vibe or Vintage Modified Stratocaster
Albert Collins, Keith Richards Fender Telecaster Squier Custom Vibe or Vintage Modified Telecasters
Angus Young, Tony Iommi Gibson SG Epiphone SG
Zakk Wylde, Ace Frehley, Billy Gibbons, Pete Townshead Gibson Les Paul Epiphone Les Paul, ESP LTD EC-1000
BB King, Larry Carlton, Chuck Berry Gibson ES335, ES339, ES175 Epiphone Dot or Sheraton, Epiphone ES339
Carlos Santana PRS PRS Their SE Models

There are more quality Brand’s beyond the 2 big names, Fender and Gibson. For acoustic, we also have Martin players fans to check out Sigma Guitars and fan of Taylor guitarists to check out Crafters.

But you get my idea.

2. Play Them Before Your Buy

At the end of the day, the brand gives us some assurance of build and quality but there’s more to guitars. Just like people, they are all different even if they come from the same family. The key to find your guitar has to be therefore one you have tried it yourself.  Go to a reputable guitar shop in your city and try these guitars in person. Hold it, feel it, strum it and see if you feel the connection with it. How does it feel in your hand and against your body. Do you like how it look and is styled. How about even how it smells? You have to like it before you surrender your hard earned cash on.

You may have your reason not to want a second-hand guitar, but it is an amazing path to get your guitar for a fraction of the price you pay new. If you are patient enough and hang out at second hand buy/sell forums, you may get yourself a real bargain buying from someone who has likely given up playing.

3. Give the final verdict only after the Guitar is properly setup.

Another important thing to consider is if it is properly setup and has good action. By action, I mean if the distance of the string to the frets is close enough at all parts up and down the fretboard so you are able to fret easily. The action is the key element that impacts playability. As I recommend beginning to play not at the first position because it is an unnatural position, play in the middle of the fretboard and hold a bar C chord in the 8th position. Press down the strings there and see if you can easily do that. If it is not, why? Is the neck not straight which may suggest a structural problem.

If you can find someone who knows if the playability is due to structural issues or just needed a good setup, bring him along. The focus is on comfort and how you feel when you hold and play the guitar. If the structure of the guitar is okay, then the action can be remedied by the store owner or if budget permits, to send it to a technician or luthier for a professional setup. It is worth the money.

These are just some tips I have but do take your time to find the right guitar. Don’t be too hasty to buy. What you need is an instrument that will inspire you to want to hold it. When you hold it more, you will play it more. When you play it more, you will practice to make playing good guitar possible.

So guys, enjoy the process.

Click here for another way to choose a good guitar

Do drop me a comment or feedback about your first guitar? How did you make the decision? How did you bond with it since?