Foundational Rules


The Leaning tower of Pisa leans. Why?

Because it sits on soft soil; not the kind of foundation needed for a big structure.  It was projected to topple in less than 200 years. The city had to close it for a 10 year restoration to work on its foundation. Today, it still leans but at much slower rate.

Our time of interest in playing the guitar is the same. If we start off playing on weak foundations, the interest is going to ‘lean’.  And it will be a matter of time before it topples over and we quit a passion that can bring a lifetime satisfaction.

We can do something about the foundation.

Playing Good Guitar has 3 foundations. It’s like a 3 legged stool that will give our playing a firm foundation.

These are unconventional principles to consider even before you begin to play a song. If we get it right from the start, doors will open for great playing satisfaction down the road. We free ourselves from the entanglements and then discouragements that are unnecessary for our journey.

So forget major scales, barre chords, passing notes, rock star dreams (At least for now). Because right now, we want to set the following right:

Foundation 1: Find Your GOOD GUITAR
Because the guitar is going to be a part of you as a player, take your time to find the right one. Focus on #1 Right Kind of Guitar #2 Right Strings & #3 Right Accessories.

Foundation 2: Build A GOOD CONNECTION

Because good connection with your guitar playing helps you makes good music. Focus on #1 Your body posture before the guitar body, #2 Your setup for playing and #3  Your mind and inner script.

Foundation 3: Make GOOD MUSIC

Focus on what music is and what it is not. It’s a language to communicate and it’s for connecting with yourself and others. You just need 3 basics to play your first song which is #1 The melody which is the fundamental tone & its variation #2 The harmony which are chords and tone collection #3 The rhythm which comprises silence, space and right timing

” Good Guitar + Good Connection + Good Music = Play Your First Song “

With these 3 foundations and within its 3 basics focus, you can then move to play your first song. With knowing how to play one song right,  we can play our 2nd, 3rd and 50th song faster and with greater ease.

I spent one whole year learning to play my first song; “Amazing Grace”. I’m glad I did. In my 20 years of playing, I realize knowing how to play good guitar with one song is better than playing bad guitar, one hundred songs.

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4 thoughts on “Foundational Rules

  1. Chris


    Great Information on some of the foundations on how to play guitar.
    I have heard that some of the cheaper guitars are actually harder to play for a beginner and some of the more expensive ones are easier. Is this true or does the quality and sound enhance as price goes up?

    1. ht Post author

      Yes generally its true. Some of the cheap ones are not worth the price. I would suggest getting a moderate priced one rather than the super expensive as the price will go up with diminishing value returns. The quality difference between a $100 guitar and a $200 is huge but between a $400 and $500 isn’t, so I suggest getting something between $200-$400.

  2. Davi

    Hi there!

    I think you’re absolutely right regarding those foundations. (Great comparison to the Tower of Pisa, tho! haha)

    Most people when get to learn their first guitar lessons are overly excited and rushed for playing their first song, but usually, they unconsciously neglect those pillars and end up disappointed and frustrated.

    It’s important to start in the right way so people get motivated and may progress with consistency.

    Thanks for this great info! I appreciate that!

    Keep up the good work, all the best! 🙂

    – David


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