Great Sites To Learn To Play Good Music


OK, I started a guitar site but I’m for not just playing the guitar but be musical and play music. Here are some great sites to learn to play good music, picked from sites that impressed me a lot.

Justin Guitar

Want to learn to play guitar. Justin Guitar is the one stop shop. One of the most popular guitar sites run by a great guy with a very approachable happy attitude. Love sites that are free and only if you’ve been served and found it helpful to make a donation.

Zebra Keys

Many free lessons for learning piano. I like the way the introductory class is about learning the black keys. Having known how the black and white keys on the keyboard is organised, you get a foundation of how every key in the keyboard works. Simple and effective.


Hundreds of classes, exercises and articles available for learning theory. I learned it from a book, you can now do the same online.

Scott Bass Lessons

The bass version of Justin Guitar, Scott runs an amazing site for bass guitarist from beginners to advance. Great place to start to groove at the lower registers.

The Ukulele Site

It’s a ukulele store but they have a great section on resources you can learn to play it. Well organised and very attractive video lessons.

That’s it. All the sites that has all the good stuff.

I will be updating this page regularly when I discover others that are better than this list I have.

So let me know which sites work for you and how it has served you?


6 thoughts on “Great Sites To Learn To Play Good Music

  1. Henry

    Hi, HT! Thank you, thank you very much for this great post! I have been looking for quite a while for site recommendations like these that you have delivered here! I’ll check them out! And I have marked your site; I’ll definitely be regularly checking your updates and new posts! Awesome!

  2. Ruben

    My 14 years old son likes to play guitar and wants to take classes, but first I am going to tell him to visit the websites that you recommend, especially Justin Guitar, it looks like a very good place to start. It´s nice to have these kind of websites, Knowledge should be free for anyone willing to learn.


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