How To Learn To Play Guitar Online


Learning online is a bad way to learn guitar.

Wait! ‘Is this a joke?’ I hear you say.

Let me explain. Learn guitar online is bad because the information is here, there and everywhere. People share what they know too easily, too fast and often do not piece then together for the reader. Unless you enrol into a systematic course, it can get overwhelming pretty fast.

In my 30 years of trying to learn to play good guitar, I’ve found out that its too easy to get sidelined and distracted. Even more now than before because of information clutter that can be so easily obtained online.

Here’s 4 key plan that you always need to have with you. And you can find all of these (except the last one) online.

1. Learn Chords But Know What Forms Chords

Major chord is Root, Major 3rd, Perfect 5th (1-3-5)
Minor chord is Root, Minor 3rd, Perfect 5th (1-m3-5)
Dominant Chord is Root, Major 3rd, Perfect 5th and Minor 7th (1-3-5-7b)

Then learn how these chord feels.

2. Learn Songs But Study The Chord Progressions

Master the chord progressions of songs. Study what makes blues blues, folk folk, jazz jazz and pop pop. It’s in the chords and its chord progression. Know the progression and the song will set you free (to play it)

3. Learn Scales But Know The 3 Key Ones

Learn the scales of the key to a song. Know where is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7th note of the scale of the song you are playing. Know what’s a major, minor and dominant scale. Just the basic ones first. You can learn the complicated scales which is derived from the basic ones.

4. Muck Around Online But Work On Your Groove Offline

Yes the internet distracts and overload us with information but often it also makes learning fun. Much around online but at the end of the day, its not just the notes that matter in playing, its the feel. The feel is found in the groove. Develop your groove by listening to the original songs (oh ya online). You can also work on your groove offline. Without the internet or your instrument. Tap to the song you are learning in your head. The groove is really what makes a song flow. A flowing song connects hearts of people. Without it, you may just not have the song. It’s that important.

These are the 4 things to have as a plan when learning to play guitar. Have a question? Just drop me a line and we’ll see where the conversation goes to. 



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