Listening to a good O’Vinyl


How about an O’Vinyl to turn our day around? It’s much better than a CD. It is well accepted that the quality of digital audio still could not get back the “magic of analog” enjoyed in the past. Today there’s a big movement of music lovers back to vinyl (even amongst the millennials) and the sales of vinyl is growing every year.

On O’ Vinyl Day, I have with me  “Hothouse Flowers Live, a collector’s limited edition” LP I bought from someone who no more time to listen because of a new baby in the family. Irony because after a bustling day, I need it for the perfect wind down time.

Hothouse Flowers are Liam Ó Maonlaí, Fiachna Ó Braonáin, Dave Clarke, Peter O’Toole, an Irish outfit with musical influence that spans folk, gospel and rock. Caught them LIVE! many years ago when they supported Dire Straits on their On Every Street tour in Perth. When they play, they play as much as they have fun and we can feel it so deeply in their sound.

Playing music as much as having fun turn a listener’s day around. And listening to an O’Vinyl after a long bustling day is a surely good enuff lifeskill.


2 thoughts on “Listening to a good O’Vinyl

  1. Larry

    Hi HT, Wow I didn’t even know that vinyl, was being even used today with technology so high tech. Who is using vinyl today? Is there really a better sound from vinyl than digital? How did you find Hothouse Flowers version of I can see clearly now? What a great version! Are vinyls selling, because that’s the only way you can find a certain albums that isn’t offered on CD, or digital?

    1. ht

      Yes, Cassettes, Minidiscs are all gone, CDs are moving out and hifi enthusiast moving back to vinyl records. Not only for nostalgic reasons cos the millenials take interest in this legendary format… Its sales has been picking up through the years. I find my LPs in the second hand market but new LPs can be found in specialised music stores locally and of course online stores like Amazon do carry them. If you have a chance, do try out some budget players and play a record to compare. It maybe worth the effort if you are a music fan. Cheers and thanks for commenting


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