Make Guitar Practice Fun


Practice makes perfect.

That’s true, but how do you when frankly, practising isn’t the most interesting thing to do?

While a certain aspect of playing require brute force & harsh practice, the fun aspect of playing the guitar doesn’t. So as you work hard sometimes, there’s room for fun practice as well.

What if you dedicate your next practice session to creative ways of making practice fun? Wouldn’t that add value to your playing and make  you want to spend more time with your guitar?

Here are 5 ways you can make playing fun.

1. Make A Few Notes & Make It About Rhythm

The next time you play, maybe choose a few chords (the I, IV, V) or notes (eg the 1,3,5,7) to play and practice playing different rhythm type

Rhythm 1: Do a chuck chuck chuck chuck on each of 4 beat in a measure.
Rhythm 2: Then a chucka chucka chucka chucka to play 2 to each beat.
Rhythm 3: Then to a chuckaci chuckaci chuckaci chuckaci in triplets.

Varies your rhythm from one rhythm type to another. Make the whole practice session about rhythm with just one or two notes changes.

2. Play In The Tempo Of Another Song

Play anything but play in the tempo of a well-known song. For example, play your solo in the rhythm of your favourite nursery rhyme like ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ or ‘London Bridge’ Is Falling Down. You will find a fun way of playing and develop very unusual tune from your guitar.

3. Compose A Riff & Play That Riff 90% Of The Time

Compose a Riff (or people call it motives). Make the riff as melodic or memorable as possible. Once you find it play it according to a certain time and keep playing it 90% of the time. The rest of the 10% develop small variation. Chances are you will attract more people to listen to you, this way of playing, than playing many more notes without a direction.

4. Rearrange A Song You Already Know How To Play

If you know how to play a song well, don’t play it the same way. Rearrange it maybe to sound a bit more jazzy (using the 7th) or make it more bluesy (using the blue note) or make it slower or faster or replace certain notes with others. Whatever it is, rearrange the song such that people still know what you are playing but the difference is that it adds your personality to the playing. You’ll have more fun playing songs this way and at the same time, maybe turn some heads.

5. Put Down Your Guitar, Close Your Eyes & Practice With Your Mind

What? Yes, I’m talking about day-dreaming. Do you know that when you envision yourself playing well in a certain way, you are practising? Athletics do that all the time. They rehearse how they are going to perform on performance day and very likely they will. When you day-dream, you tell your subconscious mind you already believe you can play and your brain does all it can to get you there. The next time you are bored of playing, imagine yourself playing. Not just in your boring corner. Imagine yourself playing on stage, in your favourite club or why not in a stadium filled with screaming fans. If you are doing to do it, why not have fun doing it.

Some say it’s as good as having played.

Well even if it’s not, at least you made guitar practice fun and will most likely do it again soon.

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8 thoughts on “Make Guitar Practice Fun

  1. Joe L

    Approaching practice in different ways can make playing more fun. You can even come up with new tunes. I am amazed by the infinite number of expressions that can come from music.

  2. Charlotte

    This is great and a very simple idea. I am self taught guitarist and it I agree everything you said. I would suggest adding a video of what you mean with chuck rhythms. I arrange songs I know it helps to learn new chords and remember them.

  3. Mr. Progress

    Hey, really interesting point of view. Keeping it fun is one of the most important things when starting to learn playing guitar. I especially like tip 2 and 5. Thanks for the article!


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