My O’ Guitarshop & How My Dream Came True


Want to share with you ‘How My Dream Came True’ recently.

I always wanted to own a guitar shop. From the days growing up in Perth, Australia, I would visit that little corner guitar shop outside my house almost every other day. It’s a small guitar shop in Applecross. So small sometimes I create reasons to bring my guitar there for some tune up and for a little chat with the O’ kind owner.

When I got older, that dream faded. I was too busy making a living with the degree I’ve gotten. It’s to make my education worth it, but I lost an important dream.

Today my dream is revived. I have finally got my O’Guitarshop. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I now have a cyber shop promoting guitars as an Amazon affiliate with next to no money. I’m so proud of it and I hope it’ll serve many as that little guitar shop in Applecross has served me

Yes I made it bigger than what it was. I have big dreams. I know. How about you?

What is your childhood dream? Is it possible to make it come true?


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Playing guitar for over 30 years. Once a frustrated, dissatisfied and jaded wannabe, now helping others on the journey to play good guitar. Founder of SongKids, a movement to make space for under privileged kids to find their song.

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