Remembering Chuck Berry & His Style of Good Guitar


Chuck Berry passed away a few weeks back and the world remembers his contribution to the world of rock and roll.

This video shows the level of showmanship and guitar playing he had to offer to us guitar players. To have Keith Richard playing rhythm to this man attest to his legendary status as the Godfather of rock and roll.

His riffs are his hallmark playing and is recognised and copied everywhere, all over the world.

Eric Clapton says that it has become standard to play rock and roll using his way of double-stops (two notes at once) and to play otherwise sounds thin and not right.

The exercise today for us is to learn double-stops using fourths and fifths and learn to let our solos ring with these 2 notes (rather than 1)… Just like Chuck!

How can you be play better with double stops? What do you think was his style of playing and what attracts you to it and why was it so appealing?


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