The Foundation of A Good Connection When Playing The Guitar


Ever feel like something is missing in how you play? You play and practice, sometimes for hours but you cannot get it why you feel like it doesn’t sound or feel right.

Here I want to help you understand the foundation of a good connection. When you have good connection with your guitar and later your music, you have half the battle won. Without it, you will always feel something is not right.

In playing Good Guitar, the feel or the vibe is an essential component.

First of all the guitar has to feel right and a part of you. The guitar and yourself vibrates as one. That’s key component to a GOOD Connection.

The feel also comes from your inner timing! So the foundation of GOOD CONNECTION is …

“rhythm, rhythm, rhythm”

Some call it groove. So I’ll confirm it again in another way.

“groove, groove, groove”

Get everything vibrating together as one and you have GOOD CONNECTION.

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In summary, the good connection checklist

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One thought on “The Foundation of A Good Connection When Playing The Guitar

  1. Suzanne

    What a great website you have. Thorough and concise. Inspiring. You make we want to get up and get my guitar out the garage and bring it inside.
    I am the daughter of a professional musician. My late father played Big Band Swing back in the 40’s with the Dorseys, Benny Goodman.
    Your website is great. Breaking things down into steps and goals is so much less daunting than staring at your guitar and being overwhelmed with playing a song. Step 1. Learn A-G. OK, that makes things less intimidating from the start.
    Your advice to feel the music is excellent advice. I can most certainly feel the music. I can move to it. I will say that many years ago I dated a classical pianist who played so technically correct that there didn’t seem to be any heart or feeling in the music that he played. I did not enjoy listening to him play. I can’t even remember his name now . . .
    Listening to many versions of a song sounds good. I did teach myself to play one song when I was a teenager. I loved the song and it was one that I could listen to a few different versions of. I do think that helped.
    You advise to “play it your way.” I agree. The way you describe the process is much like painting – to let the canvas talk to you.
    And playing for ego doesn’t work. Doing anything for ego is not likely to pay off in the long run for anything. Just play for enjoyment. And, really, why else do it?
    Setting a schedule is always good. If I am going to paint I will set aside an entire day. That gives me a good start. I can tweak it later.
    Dry creative juices: Yes, I can have the same problem with painting. And like you that may be in only a few areas. If I can just get the gesso on the canvas, then a background will develop, like writing a song. The rest falls into place.
    How To Be More Musical In 7 Ways: Your advice is to learn to feel the 7 notes in the major scale. I’m going to try this. I did close my eyes and listened. I took for granted all the background noise that I often hear: the fan, a distant airplane, 2 sets of wind chimes, traffic, my grandson in another room – all background noises to me. I will do this more often because I think it is a healthy thing to do.
    3 Ways To Teach Yourself To Play Guitar:
    1. Chord progression
    2. Melody
    3. Combine
    Doesn’t come any simpler than that. Not intimidating either.
    OMG! I love the Scorpions (still). Really? I can learn to play Wind of Change?
    I think it is wonderful that you are using your gift to help underprivileged children. You can empower them and bring peace to their minds. Music is so important – all the arts are. I think if we were to use these gifts the world would be much happier and peaceful.


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