The Foundation of a Good Guitar


Can’t even get yourself to pick up the guitar, let alone play or practice? If you ever not feel inspired to practice or play, I understand how it feels. It happens to me quite a lot. But fortunately now, it’s more in the past than today.

I found out the importance of owning a good guitar. I’m not only interested in playing it. I’m interested in it.

One of the greatest joy of playing is owning a GOOD ONE.

Really the key reasons I’ve kept the interest in playing the guitar the last 30 years is because I invest in seeking out GOOD guitars. And I’m often in the buy/sell forums and on magazines reading reviews and looking out for the ONE.  Investing the time to shop, research and read about guitars, inspires me to pick the right one just to hold it as often as I can.

I encourage everyone to look for the ONE guitar that you love. Invest in your dear O’Guitar and it will reward you for life.

Of course, unlike your marriage, the O’Guitar need not be the ONE for life. You can make it a life long journey looking to find the one.

To find a good guitar, it is important that it feel, play and sound right for you. It’s a very subjective matter as different people like different things for their guitar. It’ll depend on the style of playing you are adopting and the genre of music you play.

Go wild on your quest to find what’s your O’Guitar
(You can find one’s I’ve specially picked in myO’Guitarstore)

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A set of right strings whether it is heavier or lighter gauge. The heavier gauge sounds better but the lighter ones plays easier. I recommend a lighter gauge (Gauge 10 of the range 9-13 and work yourself up) so that its easier to play and adjust your preference of tone by the moving up)

Also what material it is made of makes a difference to whether you like your guitar a little or a lot. As you have taken time to look for a good guitar, don’t forget to spend some time and money looking for the perfect strings for your guitar.

Common Type General Characteristics without getting too complicated
Nylon Easy to play, generally for classical and nylon stringed electro acoustic guitar
Bronze Warm
Phosphor Bronze Brighter
Silk & Steel Between Bronze and Phosphor Bronze and smoother to play

And lastly accessorise your guitar, because its’ fun to dress up your guitar.  Do it because you can do whatever you can to personalise it.

Consider the following way…

    • An awesome strap that is comfortable and speaks of your personality

    • A clip on tuner to make sure your O’ good guitar is in tune all the time.

  • Custom stickers to make it really your O’ Guitar! (make sure you get those that comes off easily). I used to have a little transparent sticker with the word “Drivin” on my old Maison ES335. Just a small thing to it so much dearer to me. Maybe if cash permits, get a luthier who does custom finishing, to repaint your guitar to that (funky) colour you want.

In summary, this is a foundation that many beginners don’t focus on and their interest fade very fast when they stumble upon challenges playing it. I suggest that you have a good time investing in finding that ONE and let the interest last longer than the feeling you get when you start learning to play it (at least in the beginning).

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6 thoughts on “The Foundation of a Good Guitar

  1. Travis

    Nice something to keep in mind when picking out my christmas present, like the idea of the clip on tuner cause I will need all the help I can get.

    1. HT Post author

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes accessorizing is a lot of fun especially if its something as functional as a tuner.

  2. Suzanne

    What a great site you have. Great content. Thorough and concise. Your philosophy of playing with your heart is spot on. And you make this senior citizen want to jump up and find my old guitar in the garage and bring it inside. Thank you for sharing your insight.

    1. HT Post author

      Thank you Suzanne. Yes its never too late to have that musical part of you come out. Enjoy the journey!

  3. John P

    Very cool site. This site has already helped me since I have always struggled with getting to the next level with guitar playing. There is a lot to consider but you keep your site simple and elegant and that is a thing of beauty. I really hope you continue to push and polish this site in the direction it is going sir! Your passion and desire to help will get you to her you want to go. Very good work and thanks so much for doing great work that is inviting and approachable.


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