The Foundations of Good Music When Playing The Guitar


One of the key mistakes I made when I started was playing and practising aimlessly. I wasn’t playing music but just noodling with it. Not either writing my own or playing an existing music. I’ve wasted my years fallen into the habit of just mucking around with the guitar.

I find that finding a good piece of music to play inspires us to a tangible thing we are moving towards. It starts off with finding a piece of music that inspires you and that the melody and words connect and relate with you.

Ever felt that you enjoy a certain song but you can never engage with it when you play it? Chances that the words and melody don’t sync with your subconscious. Even though you consciously want to play it, your subconscious or your spirit is rejecting it.

Finding a good first song is important. It is usually your favourite song which melody or lyrics speaks to you deeply. Normally our first song is one that its so attached to you that you no problem remembering the lyrics of that song.

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Having chosen your first song, go and remember all the chords, followed by the chord sequence, sing or play the melody and enjoy your first song as your signature song.

In summary,

Get one right and repeat for all songs

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