The Hamer XT Guitar That Surprised Me


This one just came in. It’s an Indonesian made Hamer XT Series double cut guitar in gorgeous Sunburst. I traded my vintage Greco Fat Telecaster for it. It’s one with the Greco-Guitar Device on the headstock and I frankly wasn’t really that sober when I agreed on that deal. It sounds like a crazy thing to do on my part. One is a made in an Asian mass produced Hamer guitar. The other is a rare vintage Greco telecaster.

For a telecaster lover that I am, I will admit, I had regrets agreeing on the deal in that day before the actual meet up to trade. Until the deal is done and I brought it home to plugged it into my amp, was I shocked (and tremendously relieved) how awesome the guitar it.  is for what I’ve traded it for.

The sounds is great, the finish immaculate and it’s a lot of guitar for what I’ve traded it for.

I was actually very happy with the deal. It feels good. The action was a bit high but its nothing some adjustment to the TOM bridge cannot rectify. But the sound is deliciously good. I’m totally floored as I usually would think there I would ned to swap out the pickups for some PAFs. (I have a few Gibson 480s and 490s lying around so it was no big deal)

But this time, for this one, the ‘hummies’ are not going any where soon.

Warm on the dirty side but clarity on the clean end, it has the 3D kind of dynamics that is so lacking in other guitars of the price range. In fact it beats the so called Super-Dry pickups on my traded Greco. There is a Carlos Santana vibe to this sound and I won’t be drooling over any PRS with this one anytime soon. So it’s a great money saver guitar.

I’m not really a rocker but that night I rocked the night away. It sweet sustains the whole night and my Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive has never seen so much action since knocking my Rat out of my pedalboard last year. So this is one gear that could bring out different kind of music in me. 

I must say for those considering buying this, don’t hesitate to try one out. I’m not sure how much it costs new, (I can’t seem to find one on Amazon or Guitar Centre) but it should be less than $3-400. But even if it’s under $1K, I would still think its a good buy. This goes to show that ….

Great Guitars Do Not Need To Be Expensive Guitars

Thanks for reading and I wish other owners will comment on this guitar and share your love (or hate! if that’s really what you think).


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