The Root Note is a Home


This is Singapore, the vibrant city I live in.

This is my house, the home I go back to.

I live in a very vibrant urban city but I love my quiet home because after a long day in the city; its a place to go back to. After the trades and transactions, the deals and all that needs to be done, regardless if it’s a quiet day filled with joy or one bustling one with challenges, there’s nothing like coming home.

Coming home makes me feel settled. I can find refuel, find rest and feel the love again.

Then very soon, I will be charged up again, ready to go.

The Root Note

In the same manner I love my home, I love the root note in playing good guitar.
Just like a house we go back to, the root note is a place of harmony, rest, a home to go back to.

Cherish the root note as the stable home you can go back to. It’s a place you can surely win in playing good guitar. Don’t neglect it, the Root Note is the first note in making good music. It’s a good place to start.

Here’s some Good Guitar Practice using the Root Note

  1. Get a simple chord looping in 4/4 in the background using a looper pedal.
    (I suggest a simple C or Am chord)
  2. Play just the root note of the chord.
  3.  Listen to the beat. Then when and where you should play it.
  4. Feel the note even if it’s just one note. Feel also the space between the note.
  5. Experience, the sense of harmony, rest and what it means to be at home everytime you hit the root note.
  6. End this exercise, trying to step out. Not too far. Just in the vicinity but always come home.

Check out The Best Guitar Looper if you don’t have one.

How is the root note for you? Do you feel home?

In life, where is your home? Is it a physical home or maybe it’s a home in the heart. Maybe it’s a person?  How do you feel when you are home?

Leave me a comment below or after knowing the Root note, you can check out  the best way to know the Major Scale.


8 thoughts on “The Root Note is a Home

  1. Marlaine

    Love this “home” analogy. I can completely understand what you’re saying… find the sport where you’re comfortable, the spot that feels “just right” and you’ll be able to venture out from there for little exciting trips – but always be safe and sure of yourself in your HOME.
    You asked “where my home is”? It’s wherever my husband and 2 children are. With them, I am home. But location wise, hello from Ontario, Canada!

    1. HT Post author

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing that comment. Love it. All the best building, enjoying and savoring your home. All the best with your family. Your 2 kids? Most be the most beautiful people! I have 3 myself.

  2. Linda Dawkins

    Wow! I use analogies too. Love how you have worked it out! I play piano, a little bit of the guitar and drums. But You make me want to actually go and take guitar lessons! Thanks for this!

    1. HT Post author

      Hey thanks for your comment. Yeah, communicate musically! It doesn’t have to be a guitar. Many other instruments have a root note. Start there!

  3. Furkan

    I actually tried playing guitar but I guess I am not talented however I used to listen my friend’s guitar and feel very relaxed.
    “Feeling in home” is very different for me 😉 I feel at home when I was travelling and I think I feel freedom and I feel like I am in home.

    1. HT Post author

      Interesting that home to you is being away. I suppose we are all different. Give the guitar another go. Or maybe its not a guitar but some other instrument. No talent is okay. Love your instrument and start from the basic first note. Appreciate that and appreciate the next thing on your way up to your true talent. Thank you so much for the note!

  4. Owain

    I love this article. It just seems to me that whatever you are doing then you have to be comfortable wherever you are. It’s important to not only listen to the notes but feel it too.

    Thank you for sharing your exercise. It will help me ‘feel’ the music that I am playing.

    1. HT Post author

      Precisely, the feeling of the music; of just the simple thing as the root note and how it feels like home is gold. Thanks for sharing


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