Tips To Make Music Without The Ego


Music is fundamentally sound that is used to tell a story. It is made from authenticity of the soul. It has real expression that touches other people’s hearts. The Ego wants something else. The ego is eager to make music faster and through some form of achievements or amazing feats. The fruit of whether its real music is its impact on people listening to the music.

Here’s 4 Ways To Make Music Without The Ego

  1. Play for yourself (not someone else)

Play what you love, not what you think others will love. I know there’s a difference between playing music as your industry vs playing music as your hobby. One is to make a living and to a certain extend you need to play to impress. But for most of us, we are playing because its fun and do it as leisure, so its good to let the instrument expresses who you are. So play the music that you love. Really get into what music you like. Don’t worry about if the interpretation of the tune is accurate to the recording. Play it your way. Getting to this level of playing for yourself may not be an easy path as its so easy to reach out to a chord chart or a already prescribed tab on the Internet. Well, you can do that to start but beyond that, go with your feel and music that’s from your heart.

2. Play as a form of meditation

Play music as a meditation. I have one that is just right for you. Check out “A Guitar Playing Meditation”. If you play to meditate, you play for yourself or for God, you’ll get out of playing to perform.

3. Play From Inspiration Not Egostation

Keep yourself in check. Be aware of the ‘ego’ and it’ll go away. At any point in time when you practice or play that you feel a bit frustrated. Think are you playing from ‘Inspiration’ or from the ‘Egostation’. If you are from the latter, just be aware of it and it’ll go away. Always think of your inspiration, what inspire you to play? What’s your motivation? If your motivation is pure, recall that purpose and it’ll set you free.

4. Be Inspired by Listening More Than Playing

Chances are you started playing because you heard someone play and you are inspired by the music. As you progress in your playing, don’t forget to come back to your first love. Listening and enjoying music. Spend time away from your guitar. Go to the record store (or today iTunes or your favourite download centre), browse for new music that inspires you. Or go to your existing collection, tidy it up and get to music that gives you inspiration. Listening is a very enduring quality and it’s a sure kick in the butt to your EGO and will help you play better.

So there! Get back to making music without the ego getting in the way! Wish you all the best. If you like this post, don’t forget to like and share! Thank you.



8 thoughts on “Tips To Make Music Without The Ego

  1. Raino

    Hi HT, I read your article and I feel that you have a lot of insights about the guitar. Music is also a way to improve people’s spirit. I also read your self introduction through your web page. Now I am interesting in listening to your song. I am sure that I am not only one with this idea? If possible, can you add a short piece as background music for the article. Thank you for your sharing.


  2. Ruby Cantu

    I really enjoyed your article. I totally agree with you. I’m currently learning to play the drums and while I spend 45 mins learning the essentials of drumming, the last 15 mins of practice I drum to a play-a-long song of choice. That’s when I get to feel the music and express myself, put my touch on it. It truly is great music therapy. I definitely resonated with your article.

    1. HT Post author

      Thank you. I wish you the best of life with your music always in your heart! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

  3. Bea

    One of my kids enjoys music and is learning how to play the guitar. He tries to practice 10 minutes three to four times a week in order to get better at it. These tips will be very helpful to him. Is a 10 minute self practice sufficient enough if he can do so everyday.

    1. HT Post author

      Practicing regularly is a really good habit. I feel that its better shorter time but more regularly than irregular longer sessions. However having said that, maybe 10 minutes is a bit short. If it can be made more fun, can you encourage your son to stretch it to 30? Then I think he’ll have a solid practice foundation. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jeffrey Teo

    I absolutely agree with all that you have written. I also play a guitar and playing it for myself and singing worship songs when I am alone is a good form of relaxation. Good post.


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