What Guitar To Buy That You Will Not Regret For Beginners


I have had the pleasure of playing so many guitars in all the years I’ve been playing. Nothing compares to the feeling of holding a guitar that doesn’t cost much but has playability and value beyond its price. It is in times like that we are proud of our chosen hobby because anyone getting their beginner guitar is not such a big risk after all.

While it cannot be said when I started 30 years ago, I’m glad that the quality of today’s beginner guitars has improved so remarkably that it is no shame being seen holding a budget guitar no matter what our skill level are.

It’s my greatest joy to recommend the following great guitars that won’t cost an arm or a leg that beginners can buy without regret.

Before I dive in, let me say that I have chosen more branded ones because it will give you better resellable value in any case you want to upgrade. Also such a guitar is worth the while to keep it for life.

Top Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

1. Yamaha FG720/ FG820 or FS720/ FS820

Good for those who for an all round good guitar that is built well and plays well. I will recommend the FS series rather than the FG series for those who like a smaller body and prefer to learn finger-picking. The FG series is more suitable for strummers. I have owned several of these guitars and not one of them disappointed me.

2. Taylor GS Mini

Good for: Kids or those with small hands or someone who just wants something small to travel with. It has a bright and clear sound that is just beautiful finger picked. It has a small body that makes bringing it around a pleasant thing to do.

3. Martin DXAE

Good for those who can afford a bit more for a better quality guitar that retains its value. It’s good first-hand experience of owning a great sound guitar. Playing one always put a smile on my face (and hopefully those who hears it)

Top Electric Guitar for Beginners

1. Squier Vintage Modified Strat

A good old Squier Strat is always a safe bet as the first electric guitar. The Stratocasters is a classic proven designed instrument that is versatile for all sorts of music genre from rock, pop to reggae and blues. To have a Strat is safe but to have one from the Vintage Modified series sweetens it so much more. Highly no regret kind of purchase that will not break the bank.

2. Squier Custom Vibe Telecaster

Both the Vintage Modified and Custom Vibe Strats and Teles are good choice beginner guitars with the latter being just a bit more expensive. I have owned some of them and they are comparable to their expensive Fender counterparts. It is no exaggeration to say that I loved my Custom Vibe Telecaster over my old Made In Mexico Fender Tele when I had both with me. It is that good.

3. Epiphone SG 400

This maybe a surprise to some people but the SG is such a great instrument that I have not experience an electric guitar design that rock so well. It has simplicity in its design, sounds awesome and plays like a dream. It has the type of resonance and sustains that I cannot find in any other guitars. Good for rockers who want to play hi gain music. If the looks bother some of you, I will recommend the Epiphone LP instead but otherwise, the SG is an amazing underrated beginner instrument. It’s so good that I seriously use one to play jazz all the time.

These are recommendations of the type. Of course, they are variations in terms of types of pickups and type of wood, neck radius and all to refine your selection. Well, I think these are secondary for now as getting your first guitar sets you in the direction of knowing what you want/don’t want in a guitar. Anyway, I will be writing on how to select the types of pickups in your guitar and also other things about the type of wood and neck width/radius etc.

Until then have fun and enjoy your process of getting your first guitar. I bet you that if you stick of my recommendation that you’ll not regret it. With its quality, its good enough to keep for life and also it has the resellable value if you decide to let it go and upgrade to a better one.




8 thoughts on “What Guitar To Buy That You Will Not Regret For Beginners

  1. Tony W

    I have tried to learn to play but always quit before I made any real progress. I purchased one of those acoustic electric combo guitars years ago. It was from an infomercial (you know the one) LOL. I like it but noticed you did not recommend any of that style. What to you think about them?

    1. HT Post author

      I think the electro-acoustic you bought from infomercial may still make the mark as a good beginner guitar. Just make sure it is properly setup with good strings so that it plays optimally. Check out my article the Foundation of A Good Guitar..

      I would usually not recommend the “electro” part of the electro-acoustic guitar because a starter would not find that feature useful and the cost of having it installed would have been used to add to the overall construction and quality of material. It’s not only unnecessary to plug it in when you practice but it will add to the cost of getting an amp to plug it into so its my 2 cents how I see it. Any way since you’ve already bought it and its working for you, its all good but next time ….. getting a better no-frill guitar will help you progress further.

  2. Warren Kunish

    Great advice. I know because I have been a beginner now for about 30 years and I believe it’s because I never found the right acoustic guitar. I have small hands and everything felt clunky with hard strings. I never had enough money to buy a quality guitar, but this gives us options and guitars to hunt for.

    Although I play acoustic, that Stratocaster sure looks nice!

    1. HT Post author

      With small hands go for the smaller body guitars I recommended. Yes, the strat looks too good, hard to resist, I know. Thanks for your comments

  3. Jean

    Nice article. My first guitar I ever owned was a Yamaha F310. I don’t know how it would compare to the guitars you mentioned but I was very happy with that guitar and still am as I still have it today.

    1. HT Post author

      That’s a good first guitar and one of their older models. I recommended their new FG or FS sereis which is even more impressive. They all come solid top (ie top that is made from 1 piece of solid wood). If I’m not wrong the F310 is laminate top. But nevertheless its still a top notch guitar which is a reason why you still have it with you. 🙂

  4. Daniella

    Hi there,
    Great review, I really enjoyed the reading!
    My husband is a musician. He plays guitar fantastically. He has at least four guitars at home. Now my son wants to learn to play guitar and wants to have his own one. What guitar would you recommend for long fingers? My husband told me that any of them would suit if the fingers are long, Of, course I respect my husband suggestion but you know, it is always better to have several opinions. What do you think?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. ht

      Your husband is right, long fingers just makes it easier to choose a guitar because it means he will have no problem with thicker and wider necks. It’s a matter of preference as some like thinner necks and some wider so it’s good if he gets a chance to try the guitar out before committing to purchase it. All the best!


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