What’s So Good About The Soundbrenner Pulse?


I’m not an early adopter of new technology but this Soundbrenner Pulse changed that.

I got one before it was released because it was to me such good idea. So what’s so good about the Soundbrenner Pulse that made me do it?

Soundbrenner Pulse is not like any you have ever seen in the past. Two most novel ways to describe it are 1) It’s metronome you can wear like a smart watch and 2) It’s the metronome of the 21st Century.

Yes, its about time! The latter is because … finally its the death of the irritating metronome click we are so familiar with. Instead it uses a haptic vibration that pulses on your skin as if its a part of you. That way, you don’t hear the beat but you feel it. That means the most important thing for a musician ie. developing your inner sense of rhythm made easy.

It was launched in the global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in 2016. When I stumbled upon it, I was immediately captivated. I supported them and it’s my first every crowdfunding project I got myself into.

The Metronome. The Important Tool Musicians Wish They Don’t Have To Use

But deep inside everyone knows they need one.

Students of music inevitably encounter the metronome in their learning but many hated to be associated with one. Many music teachers affirm its importance. In fact, my first guitar teacher recommended that I use one on the FIRST DAY of my lesson seeing how rhythmically capable (or rather not capable) I was.

No wonder John Petrucci, Dream Theater’s guitarist extraordinaire highlighted in this Top 3 Practice Tips in Guitar World article that using a metronome as the 1st of his top 3 tips for practicing.

I believe the big reasons people don’t use it is the same as why I don’t use one in my 20 years of playing until now. A traditional metronome is PLAIN UGLY and has THAT FAMOUS IRRITATING CLICK.

We all know that irritation click. It haunts us in the house when our sister or brother take piano lessons or in school during our ensemble practice.

Well, that’s my sentiments and relationship with a metronome. Torturously, it is something I was forced to use but on my own WON’T.

For too many years, I’ve freed myself from the dread but something important suffered.

Yes, my sense of timing and beat took a real beating

Some may be born with a good sense of rhythm but for normal human beings like me, I need one. But the past hasn’t been favourable for me. That has become my sad story of how I lost good timing all these years to needing to look ‘cool’.

Now Unlike Others, For the First Time, A Metronome Looks Cool

Apple computers have proven to us that slickness is what we want. And the Soundbrenner Pulse has that kind of vibe.

To have a metronome that is wearable is an indigenous idea. Why nobody ever noticed our everyday challenge to having a metronome near when we need one?

Not only does it allow us to wear it, it comes with 2 type of straps to allow us the choice where we want to wear it on. The short one for the wrist and the long one for the arm or thigh or anywhere else in the body you can strap over.

Many people put it on their ankle or thigh! Soundbrenner is exploring a longer strap to be worn across the chest.

Wherever you wear it, it’s a cool gadget that you want to be seen with. At one point, I was wearing it the whole day because it is a fashion statement.

And it never fails to be a conversational piece. I sold more with one strapped on to me as a demo than showing it from the box.

No More Irritation. Don’t Hear The Beat, But Feel It

Instead of the annoying click, the vibrating haptic pulse beats against our body and helps us not just hear the beat but feel the beat. In noisy environments, that’s a great advantage. Even in not so noisy ones, it is a great way to make the beat work like its a part of us. Having the musical instrument beat with the human instrument, to me is an idea that is worth more than the price of the USD 99 admission.

Because It’s not uncool and not irritating to use….

Using It Means Better Rhythm And Hence Better Guitar Playing

I got this at the same time I discover Victor L Wooten’s The Music Lesson (which is one of the other recommended tool from me) and my musical exploration took a big turn to the better.

It truly was the tool that came at the right time to help me turn from playing bad to good guitar. The Music Lesson changed my philosophy about music. It helps me believe playing good guitar is a mindset as much as it is a skill. To know that rhythm is so much more important than notes is a powerful mindset change for me.

This device earned one of the Top 3 Recommended things for us to play good guitar.

Loving Something To Change From A Fan To A Salesman.

You see, I have loved the Soundbrenner Pulse the first time I lay my eyes on it. It was something I loved so much that it changed me from a fan to a salesman.

I was so excited about it and feeling a sense of responsibility to tell as many people as I can about it that I wrote to Florian Simmendinger, the CEO of Soundbrenner if I could represent them to introduce it to my world (The Singapore market, where I’m residing). I wrote a passionate long letter and with my raving reviews and begging, he allowed me to do it.

Selling Hundreds & The Sale Keeps Growing

The first 12 units sold out in 3 months. The second orders of 24 each all went quickly. Today I’ve sold hundreds and the sale keeps growing. And after this one year plus of owning and selling them, I still continue to use mine regularly. I have to honestly say that it has helped me improved my timing so much that I feel that I don’t need to use it anymore but I take it out for practice almost every week to hone my new rhythm skill.

It Is For Other Creative Applications Too.

Admittedly twice, I went to bed with it, using it to provide the pulse to rock me to sleep. I stopped doing it only because of concern that I have not researched enough if this is safe practice.

In the year that I sold those, I was occasionally surprised by people who buy it for other applications. No not just for Christmas, birthdays, or valentine day gifts which by the way, it is a perfect one.  Buying one for your musician friend, it is almost guaranteed a novelty that you’ll not be accused of not being thoughtful of your gift. But I’m not talking about just as gifts, but other applications as creative as the mind can imagine possible. Like once I had a beat-boxer who beatbox in an acapella group came and buy one from me. Then a few months later, a runner who wants to maintain constant heart beat when he runs. There’s also a boxer and a gym instructor getting it for reasons I frankly could have guessed but I really didn’t ask.

So After All’s Been Said, So What’s So Good About The SoundBrenner Pulse?

Let me list them out …

1) It’s cool so I use it all the time.

2) It’s wearable, it goes with me so I use it all the time.

3) It doesn’t click but pulses on your skin, it feels part of you , it helps to build my inner sense of rhythm

4) It gets improved and updated via firmware so my unit gets better as the team upgrades and makes improvements.

5) I get to train in other measures or styles I normally would not without it.

6) I can sync with another player I am playing with if he or she has one.

7) When I’m playing and recording there is no click track that bleeds into my recording.

8) Because I can wear in any parts of my body (well almost any) and if I wear it under my clothes, no one needs to know that I’m using a metronome

I can go on but most importantly because I keep using it, I keep improving. That’s the key in learning music, practice practice practice.

If you are in Singapore, you can get one from me at MyO’Things at Carousell.com. but otherwise, Amazon carries it now. It’s USD 99, not a lot of money for what it can do for you. I cannot recommend anything better to help us play good rhythm guitar and help us grow not only as a guitarist but as musicians. Now anyone is able to play better not just guitar, but piano, bass, drums and everything else where the beat is essential.

I also believe when we beat better together and being in line with life’s rhythm, we become better not just musicians but great human beings.

Enjoy this innovation as I have never enjoyed one as I have the SoundBrenner Pulse.

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22 thoughts on “What’s So Good About The Soundbrenner Pulse?

  1. jonathan

    I was one of the early adopters too. Thank you for writing the review. I ditto what you share about what’s so good about it. I used it a lot in practice and my drummer use it in our gigs.

  2. Tom

    Wish I had this when I started out. I remember the days of using that great big box. Use to get mesmerized by the swinging pendulum and would lose my beat. lol

    Really great idea and it makes so much sense. If this had been around in my day, I would have jumped on it and bought it right away. I can honestly say to all the starting musicians out there, a metronome of some type is essential to learning how to keep time. Why do you think we all use click tracks in the studio?

  3. Philip

    I really enjoyed this site. I have been a guitar player for about 18 years and I remember using an old metronome from moms piano and picking by ear. It would have been awesome to of had soundbrenner pulse. would have made things a lot easier. While looking through your site I noticed that you don’t have many visuals. people are really attracted to visuals. You have some really good content here.

  4. Mat

    Well look at that! I didn’t even know that such a thing existed!

    The same as you, I’ve practiced for years without a metronome and only really took to playing with one once I got my own music pc.

    Does it double as a watch?

    It does look a cool little gadget, if only to get away from that annoying bipping.


  5. Andrew G

    Thats a unique way to be in rythem not known by mainstream music lovers. To appreciate the tools is a good part of the music for people to appreciate the value of these types of under appreciated tools for professionals to use, enhanced by a sense of technology that awakens the soul the full use of the enhancement.

  6. Nat

    This post was great, and very informative. I, personally, have never even heard of a wearable metronome, so I found this article to be really interesting. I would definitely used this product based off of your blog post, as you provided details that would make me feel as though you are comfortable to discuss the subject.

  7. Simon Crowe in Asia

    Honestly I didn’t even know these existed but I think they’re a great idea. I totally agree with you – that annoying metronome was in urgent need of a revamp!

    I really like the fact you can sync the Soundbrenner with other band members. I think it will make your a better guitarist because you’re feeling the rhythm not just hearing it and yeah it does look slick! Soon enough every musician will have one for sure.

  8. DSonic

    Great review on the pulse.
    I also bought one just after it was released and it did take some weeks of getting used it after using a click track for over ten years.
    I’m glad you mentioned how you can play in other time signatures that you normally wouldn’t have access to in a standard metronome. This is a major bonus for coming up with new creative song ideas. The Free app is really good for practicing by itself too.
    The only thing I don’t like is that it is the device is not standalone and much too reliant on the app meaning until you get used to it, it can mean too much fiddling with the phone. Hopefully in a future upgrade they will consider making it more suitable for standalone operation.

    This Technology can only get better from here.


    1. ht

      Thanks for your comment. The app serves like a traditional metronome and itself is a great application. It took me a while to get used to the device standalone but for what it does, it really works to built my sense of timing.

  9. secollins1

    This is amazing, The fact that you feel the rhythm rather than hear it. blows my mind. It seams like you can truly be at one with the music you are playing. No distractions of the metronome clicking in the background. I can’t believe that no one came up with this sooner, it seams so simple now.

    1. ht

      Yes. Indeed it was revolutionary and when you think of it, its really a simple idea. Thanks for sharing your comment.

  10. Keiron

    Wow, I didn’t even know that this was a product until I came across your article. Great read. I play guitar as hobby and this would be a cool addition to help my rhythm.

  11. Bob

    That’s amazing! Wow!
    My son and I play the guitar and have never heard of such a thing. Thanks so much for this site. I love it. This will make a great Christmas gift for my son and I, of course, will have to get one for myself.
    I assume that two can be set identical. Right? I cannot wait to get these and begin our guitar playing with them. Thanks for the information.

    1. HT Post author

      Thanks for the comment. Yes the two units are identical and can be synced to beat together. How lovely it is to see father and son lock into the same groove


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