You Don’t Have To Play Like Prince, You Can Play Like Yourself


I was watching this amazing Youtube Video of Prince. In the past, I used to be amazed and then feel unworthy that I cannot play like Prince. That’s bad for playing the guitar.

Today, I would watch videos like this, be amazed and inspired. And then I will feel that its possible (just like it is for Prince) to play uniquely just like myself. By building the foundation of Good Guitar, Good Connection and Good Music, I don’t have to compare but I can play like myself.

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Just a reminder every time you see your hero play, don’t compare but conclude that you too can do the same. Play like yourself.

Having said that, I want to state what Prince ever said about learning the guitar during a rare interview with Guitar Player magazine in the July, 2004 issue.

Prince laid his feelings about the state-of-the-guitar on the line, and his point still resonates today: “Kids don’t learn to play the right way anymore. When the Jackson 5 came up, they had to go through Smokey Robinson and the Funk Brothers, and that’s how they got it down. I want to be able to teach that stuff, because kids need to learn these things, and nobody is teaching them the basics. See, a lot of cats don’t work on their rhythm enough, and if you don’t have rhythm, you might as well take up needlepoint or something. I can’t stress it enough. The next thing is pitch. That’s universal. You’re either in tune or you ain’t. When you get these things down, then you can learn how to solo.” U heard the man. So let’s get to it.

Enjoy the weekend!


3 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Play Like Prince, You Can Play Like Yourself

  1. greg

    I agree. Always be the best version of yourself, You can learn the riffs and techniques from all your favorite guitar players, but always make it yourself. I’m gonna recommend your site/book to a friend of mine who is learning the guitar. Thanks

  2. MLee

    Hi, this is like way beyond my ability.
    I can only play a few chords now, if I play like myself, now…actually, it will never be a good tune.
    Still learning, and blessed by your great website to assist me.


  3. Eric Cantu

    Prince was the man when it came to showing emotion through his guitar. The best guitarists that draw you in are always the ones who make it seem like an extension of themself. it’s not that they’re technically perfect, it’s that they become the guitar. Nice post.


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